Veghana Meal Plan


Delicious healthy comfort food delivered daily 

Welcome to the new Veghana meal plan

Veghana is not just for vegans, but anyone who likes delicious comfort food, and perfect for those who want to try out the vegan lifestyle – or those who just want to eat healthy tasty food, that is environmentally sustainable.  

Veghana’s meal plan is plant-based; entirely meat and dairy-free, with no gluten and refined sugars in our cooking. Recipes are made up of a large variety of vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and fruits that guarantee intake of key nutrients and avoid nutritional deficiencies.  All elements of our meals are made from scratch, using organic whenever possible.  The majority of our ingredients are locally sourced, meaning we leave a low carbon footprint.

Recipes have been personally developed by Veghana’s Founder and Chef, Nana-Serwa Mancell, adapted from the food she grew up eating, and cooked with a team of talented chefs recruited from the streets of Ghana.

What are our different packages?

(one week is 5 days)

Three Types of Meal Plan

Introductory offer

Full meal plan:

Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

 + one snack + one side dish + one drink

Four weeks – Dhs 2200

One week – Dhs 800*

Two meals per day:

Lunch + Dinner

 + one snack + one side dish + one drink

Four weeks – Dhs 1800

One week – Dhs 600*

Single meal per day:

Lunch or dinner

 + one snack + one drink

Four weeks – Dhs* 1000



Order your Veghana meal plan by clicking here or following this link -->

If you delivery location is more than 20km from our Dubai Mall kitchen we will have to charge an additional Dhs100-200 delivery fee.  Please contact us to let us know.

Please contact Nana on 050 956 9277 or Monica on 052 592 9403  if you have any questions about joining our meal plan

Breakfast items:

  1. Coconut sorbet with mixed tropical fruits
  2. Veggie and cheese muffins
  3. Cassava flour pancakes with fruits
  4. Tapioca roils with fruits and agave syrup
  5. Muesli with nuts and mango
  6. Plantain pancakes with avocado
  7. Oats with coconut cream and passion fruit

Super-food healthy drinks (great traditional recipes to boost immunity and cure ails)

  1. Bissap, hibiscus drink
  2. Pineapple, ginger and baobab powder
  3. Watermelon with moringa powder

Meal Plan Main Dishes

  1. Jollof rice with salad and plantain
  2. Okra with fonio, chopped capsicums and tomato sauce
  3. Brown rice noodles stir fried with spring onion, broccoli and Tindle chicken*
  4. Peanut soup ramen bowl with noodles and enoki mushrooms
  5. Beans stew with plantain and gari foto (like a gluten-free couscous)
  6. Bambara beans with plantain fritters and capsicum peppers
  7. West African shepherds pie: mashed yam over spinach, egushi and beans stew
  8. Rice balls and peanut sauce with brocolli, carrots and king oyster
  9. Coconut chickpea curry with fonio
  10. Waakye rice (super food millet rice and beans) with yam balls and salad
  11. Fonio foto (fonio salad with tomato sauce) with suya mushrooms & coleslaw salad
  12. Veghana burger, Tindle chicken with avocado, mushrooms and tomato sauce with a potato bun. Served with air-fried plantain and carrot chips.*
  13. Kosey/Akara (traditional bean fritter) over grilled beets and carrots
  14. Spinach & beans stew with boiled yam & air-fried kelewele
  15. Fonio with egusi and spinach stew and fried plantain and avocado
  16. Coconut rice with veggie stew and a side of plantain
  17. Noodles and mixed beans bolognaise in rich tomato and basil sauce
  18. Tropical fajitas. Cassava flour crepes filled with peppers and guacamole. Served with kale salad and tomato salad.
  19. Fonio jollof, veggie stew and yam balls
  20. Fried rice ghana style using the Tindle chicken and small veggie stew on the side, and grilled plantain.*
  21. Coconut rice, bambara beans stew, grilled plantain, suya mushrooms, steamed broccoli with cabbage salad.
  22. Beans stew lasagna with cashew cream sauce
  23. Mango salsa with coconut fonio salad and Tindle chicken*
  24. Tatale tacos: spicy plantain tacos with beans and grilled carrots & broccoli
  25. Oyster mushrooms with fonio, greens and peanut sauce
  26. Waakye rice salad (rice and beans) with mixed fresh vegetables and broccoli and grilled plantain and sprinkled with gari foto
  27. Boiled yam and plantain with grilled garden egg stew
  28. Fonio jollof with mix vegetable stew and air-fried kelewele
  29. Ghana rice and tomato stew with Tindle chicken*
  30. Spinach & egushi stew with fonio and capsicum salad & air-fried kelewele
  31. Veghana tomato sauce and stir-fried with vegetables and noodles.
  32. Boiled yam with veggie and mushroom stew with air-fried kelewele
  33. Grilled plantain, Bambara beans, with fonio salad, and suya mushrooms
  34. Jollof rice salad with grilled veggies
  35. Fonio foto with beans stew, salad, suya mushrooms, air-fried kelewele and capsicum peppers.
  36. Boiled yam and plantain with spinach and egushi stew
  37. Coconut fonio and tomato stew, capsicum and tomato salad, avocado, king oyster mushrooms and grilled plantain
  38. Gluten-free noodles, beans bolognaise with Tindle chicken and fresh basil*
  39. Waakye fonio bowl, with yam ball, grilled marinated plantain, tomato stew and salad.
  40. Jollof stuffed bell peppers with grilled oyster mushroom

Daily dessert of fruits, muffins and cakes.

*Tindle chicken is meat and dairy free however contains gluten.  We have the option of replacing this with Ghanian soy kebabs (which I love!), just let us know if you have issues with gluten.