About Veghana

Ghanaian cuisine is renowned for its rich flavours and vibrant dishes and it deserves to take its place amongst leading global cuisines - this is where Veghana comes in.

Veghana’s aim is to bring a tropical paradise into your home. We are merging the worlds of healthy vegan food and aromatic West African cuisine, to provide a bespoke delivery and catering service. Our recipes are packed with nutritious plants and incredible superfoods to emulate the divine aromatic flavours of Ghana.

Immerse yourself in delicious, heart-warming comfort food and fall in love with every morsel of it – whether you are vegan or not. We want you to experience mouth-watering vegan food in a way you never thought was possible.

Veghana is not just about the food – we will nourish your lives and minds with music, art and conversation at our future Veghana Life events.


Nana-Serwa Mancell, Veghana’s Ɔbaa Panyin (top lady boss)

Veghana was founded by Nana driven by her passionate belief that West African food deserves its place amongst the popular global cuisines, and that West African food has an enormous amount to offer anyone on a plant-based diet.

Nana was born and raised in Ghana eating the food she has re-created for the Veghana menu, though educated in the UK, where she first started to understand the importance of food as a way to express and explore her Ghanaian identity.

Before giving up a stable career to launch Veghana, Nana worked in various roles in corporate communications in both the UK and UAE, her last as the Communications Manager for the Emirates Literature Foundation (Nana is obsessed by contemporary literary fiction). Before leaving UK for the UAE, Nana worked as a Senior Press Officer for the Greater London Authority (office of the Mayor of London), the Royal Commonwealth Society and University of London. She has a Law degree from University of Kent, UK. 

Between Veghana and keeping up with her three sons, Nana plays at being a DJ at events and parties, spreading her love for African dance music (she admits her music collection is far superior to her technical skills).