Veghana Festive Pop-up for the Female Fusion Network dinner at Cubano Lito Menu

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Bissap super-food drink (traditional West African super-healthy drink with hibiscus leaves, pineapple and ginger).

Fresh pineapple blended with Moringa

Watermelon juice


Welcoming Treat

Plantain chips with three dips for sharing: mango (mild), red capsicum (not so mild) and green pepper (medium hot/spicy



Peanut soup



Red Red; Plantain with black-eyed beans stew sprinkled with gari foto (West African version of couscous, sort of)
Ghana Jollof Rice; West Africa's most favourite dish; with salad, yam balls and tomato sauce.
Spinach and Egusi (melon seed) stew; served with fonio and mixed peppers (fonio is ancient grain packed with nutrients).



Vanilla and coconut ice-cream with chocolate cake


 Your festive gift

Thank you for spending your evening with us. Your gift is moringa powder, a super-food bursting with nutrients and antioxidants, which can be used for a smoothies and sprinkled on desserts.

Check out this video with the recipe for our moringa super-food dessert