Pop-up Menu

Plant-based West African Cuisine
Christina’s birthday party menu options
Tuesday 21 March
Bissap – traditional West African ceremonial and healing drink
Peanut soup
Main Dishes
Jollof rice with steamed vegetables
Okra stew & fonio foto
Sides: Crispy cabbage salad & air-fried plantains
Chocolate cake
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Veghana March Pop-up Menu                     

Item Name Type Price
Peanut soup. creamy peanut soup with a slight spicy touch Starters 25
Fried Plantain. West Africa's favourite snack Starters 30
Kelewele, spicy fried plantains Starters 35
Yam chips. With tomato sauce and spicy dips Starters 35
Yam balls. Crunchy and filled with mashed yam Starters 40
Spinach and egusi stew with fonio and  plantain (request for air-fried) Main 45
Jollof Rice Feast. Served with salad, fried plantain and tomato sauce Main 45
Okra stew with fonio and plantain (requet for air-fried) Main 45
Plantain and beans with gari foto (cassava cous cous). Main 45
Oyster mushrooms marinated in suya spices, coconut rice & peanut soup  Main 45
Mixed veggie stew with coconut rice or coconut fonio, and plantain Main 45
Peanut soup ramen with enoki mushrooms and mixed vegetables Main 45
Coconut and vanilla ice-cream  Dessert 25
Pineapple, ginger and carrot muffins Dessert 30
Chocolate cake. Ghana chocolate cake (gluten-free and dairy-free). Dessert 35
Beetroot and pinapple drink Drink 20
Fresh Pineapple & Moringa superfood drink Drink 20
Bissap, traditional natural energy drink. Made with hibicus, pineapple & a touch of ginger Drink 20