Veganuary 2022


Veganuary is a month long challenge to try vegan 

Two million people have now signed the Veganuary pledge to try vegan since it started it back in 2014. Wow!

With more than 580,000 people from 209 countries taking part in Veganuary 2021 by signing-up to give a vegan diet a try, 2022 is going to be even bigger. If you would like to sign up for Veganuary visit

If you cannot commit to a full month - why not give vegan eating a try with Veghana.

For the month of January we are offering anyone who has signed up for the official Veganuary 2022 two-for-the-price-of-one for all our menu items.

If you are not doing Veganuary but would like to try, you can order a three course meal with a drink for only 80 dhs - grab a starter, main meal, dessert and drink with this deal.  Use code Veganuary80 when you are ordering.

If you would like the two for one deal, please email us with your Veganuary sign-up details.